Feral Dog Sheds Tears and Bows Hands in Gratitude As Being Fed by Passersby after Many Starvationn Days

Receiving the sausage from the kind woman’s hand, the wandering dog’s eyes welled up with tears of joy.

The poor dog was discovered while feeding near a park in Jinzhong city, Shanxi province (China) in early December.

Loving the orphaned animal wandering in the cold wind, the woman peeled off a sausage to feed it. While she struggled to tear the packaging, the lost dog was still watching with bright eyes, its tail wagging happily.

The next day, the kind woman – who also shared this emotional video on social media – stopped by the park again to find the puppy.

Looking at the “benefactor” from afar, the dog happily ran to her side, tail wagging as if in greeting. He also stood on his hind legs, clasped his front paws and bowed repeatedly like a human “bow” gesture to express his joy when he met her.

As soon as the woman took the food out, the dog suddenly burst into tears, partly happy and touched, partly pitiful.

Sharing with Xiaoxiang Morning Post, she said: “My friends and I were on the way to the park when we saw the stray dog. When we gave the puppy food, his eyes suddenly filled with tears.

I felt so bad that I wanted to hug him to the car, but the dog refused to sit still and just wanted to jump down the road.”

“Perhaps he is afraid that we are dog thieves, who use food to lure dogs into the car and then take them to sell,” the woman continued.

After a while, on December 23, she went back to the park to look for the dog that day, but it was nowhere to be found.

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“I’ve been looking for a few days now but I can’t find the puppy anywhere,” she said bewildered. “I’ll probably ask the street sweepers around there.” People who saw the clip of the smart dog on Douyin also hope she finds it soon.

“This is a dog with talking eyes. Please don’t harm it,” one person wrote. “I hope the dog doesn’t get caught,” another commented. The third suggested: “Can someone adopt it?”

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