Dog Swims for More Than 11 Hours in Cold Sea to Find Someone to Save Owner Who Was Dгowning in the Water

The loyalty of dogs is one of the things that brings many people to tears. This is man’s best friend through touching stories, through vivid “evidence”.

Dog is one of the quite special animals when it has intelligence and agility that is superior to many other animals. Another thing that makes dogs a top pet is loyalty.

“I don’t criticize difficult parents, dogs don’t criticize poor owners” is a long-standing saying to appreciate the loyalty of this four-legged animal. The story below is a clear demonstration of the love between the uncle and his master.

The dog “floats” on the sea at 6 am

The story was shared by a fisherman in Moreton Bay in Australia and is receiving much attention from netizens. This female fisherman saw an object moving in the sea while at sea. When she approached, she was startled to realize it was a dog of the German Shepherd breed.

At 6 a.m., she saw a four-legged animal floating in the sea like this, the female fisherman had a gut feeling that something was wrong. Not to mention the dog is also equipped with a diving suit, a breathing tank and a tool box, as if it was the owner’s possession, so she was even more worried.

After saving the poor pet, the female fisherman asked the police to organize an emergency search at sea. Immediately, a rescue team with helicopters, police ships and many water motorbikes was sent to find the dog’s owner.

The rescue team repeatedly found objects related to the ship, indirectly indicating that its owner was in distress. And after three hours of searching, police and rescuers found a 63-year-old man struggling to cling to part of the sinking ship.

Reunion of loyal dog and lucky owner

After being rescued, the rescue team immediately took the victim to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, he had no serious injuries. The brave dog was also taken to the vet for care. After settling down, the two were reunited in joy and happiness.

The owner of the ship said that because of the incident, his vehicle lost power and flooded, leading to everything gradually sinking. He quickly prepared his pet with the necessary tools to survive.

Heidi (the dog’s name) tried very hard to swim near the shore for 11 hours straight to find help. And Heidi’s loyalty and bravery was rewarded.

Through this, Heidi’s owner also wants to remind everyone that they must know how to love pets. Besides, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of all vehicles you own, so that in the worst case scenario, you can still survive and overcome adversity.

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Heidi’s touching story of courage has received a lot of attention, comments and shares from netizens. Through Heidi’s actions, we can once again see the loyalty and boundless love that dogs have for their owners.

Many netizens feel warm because of the happy ending of the story. However, some “sen” ideas only know how to compare with their “boss”, only knowing how to eat and sleep, but do not know how to help.

Like Heidi, there are many dogs out there that are loyal and absolutely loving to their owners, ready to sacrifice for the safety of the people who have raised them.

Thereby we can see that, even though they are animals, all species know how to love and have feelings, not only humans can do it. Always love, cherish and cherish the pets you own.

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